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Reviews for “Raising” the new music show from Joe & Aly.
54 Below
…what a spectacular night at the 54 Below!!!
…heard only praise from all of the attendants (and you know lawyers aren’t an easy bunch to please).
…left speechless by the energy and charisma Alyson brought to the stage. A heartfelt thank you…
I must also say the Saturday night entertainment was superb—great night!
Joe: You and your group were incredible. I think you saw and felt the reaction of this usually quite conservative group.
Alyson was just amazing and everyone fell in love with her.
I had set a very high bar in presenting your group and you exceeded it beyond our wildest hopes … sent everyone home with the greatest feeling.
Ashford & Simpson’s Sugar Bar management…
Such a fantastic show, thank you so much for your performance.
We hope to have you grace our stage very soon.

Venue: 78 Below club

Review by Bradley Chase former editor of OVATION Magazine

That guitarist guy… he was damned good. Seriously, Joe, your leadership and musicality were great to experience. You seem to dig the harmonic view of things and have a composer/arranger’s touch. Very notable for me was the gorgeous and rewarding role that you assumed when the keyboardist took his first solo whereby you reversed roles, so-to-speak, and while he unfurled his more active passagework, you set out beautiful harmonic pillows on which we could relax and enjoy his solos and set each respective pillow out like a gently blown bubble. Such harmonic and coloristic sensitivity was evident at many turns. The musicality was further evidenced by your rhythmic incisiveness both on and off the beat and as solos and nice (40-to-70) interjections. The biggest compliment is that, well-beyond the keyboardist and sax players, your solos were like fine, satisfying cadenzas in classical music. More specifically, at once grounded in the immediately preceding harmonic, melodic and rhythmic material as a point of departure and developing it, for lack of a better term, organically in a spontaneously coherent yet decidedly not formulaic fashion.

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