Frequently Asked Questions

What size are the Bands?

Our average band is 8 pieces comprised of a female vocalist, guitar, male vocalist, piano/keyboard, bass, trumpet, sax/flute and drums. We do suggest adding a 2nd female vocalist which tends to accentuate the orchestras entertainment value. Another possible suggestion is to add a 3rd horn or trombone to emphasize a greater punch. Also, the addition of our latin percuccionist will add the rhythmic drive of so many dance recordings.

What Musical Instruments are best for a Cocktail Hour?

A jazz guitar plus bass or a piano and sax are great jazzy combinations for an upbeat cocktail hour.

What do you suggest for the ceremony?

We recommend our Celebration Strings which starts with violin, viola and cello. You may wish to consider the full string quartet, simply beautiful. This ensemble usually performs for the ceremonial hour while your guests arrive and are being seated, then the through the actual ceremony. Afterwards, they will continue to play lively recessional music as your guests proceed to cocktails.

Do you play a hora?

Absolutely!…and a great hora at that! Manhattan Swing is adept at all international dances.

Would you learn any special request?

Yes, we would be glad to prepare a few songs that might not be in our repertoire.

My parent’s dislike loud music. What can be done?

We fully understand your concern. This is a social event as well as a dance, so the right blend of soft dinner music interspersed with lively dance music allows everyone to enjoy the party.

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